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Subject: This is Honey Buns 2His huge dick was in your mouth and you were hoping that it would never
leave your slut hole. It was so long and masculine. You were his little
girl cock sucker, but sad to say he wanted something more.As you fingered your pink panties, he pulled his huge member out of your
pink-lipped mouth and you were lost...feeling helpless and feminine...lost
and wanting more.Daddy grabbed your under your arms, flipped you over and pocked his huge
member against your girly pink panties."Honey he's gonna fuck you now," Mommy told you.A feeling of helpless girliness Preteen Models Toplist
filled you and you knew that you were about
to be fucked...fucked like a little prissy boy girl, a panty princess all
dolled up for daddy.Daddy slipped down your panties and you felt the elastic on your thighs. He
rubbed his pole through your fanny crack, pulled back and poked your girly
hole with the head of his powerful cock. You were his lost little girl
waiting to be used like a slut.With your pink panties around your thighs, there was no way to get away.
Daddy had you completely in his control.Daddy pushed forward into your love hole. With a sudden thrust he was in
you and it hurt, that powerful tool inside your boy labia."You're my babydoll, aren't you?" he asked.A girlish giggle escaped from your mouth involuntarily. "Oh daddy, you are
so huge. I don't know if I can...""Of course you can, honey," Mommy said. "And you really have no choice Preteen Models Toplist do
you? Daddy's gonna fuck that little boy pussy. He's gonna fuck you silly,
little sissy."You knew she was right. You were completely powerless to his pulsing pole.
He thrust even deeper and you yelped with surprise. He paused a moment and
then started moving back and forth, in and out of your sissy fanny. The
elastic in the panties held your legs together increasing the friction. At
first it hurt, but after a moment it started getting warm and yummy. It was
like WOW, powerful manliness pulsing inside you. He was getting into a
rhythm. He was poking you like a whore.You lifted your ass higher to meet his thrusts and turned your head and saw
there was a mirror there showing what was happening to you. The baby-doll
nightie was sliding down your body as he moved back and forth against you.
Your face showed the feminine lust that was in you. Your lips were open and
your mascara outlined eyes were manic with desire. You looked like a
helpless teen girl, getting screwed by a manly stud.
"Look at you," Mommy said, "completely hot and nasty, like a whore. You
don't even know your Daddy's name, do you sweety?""Mmm," was all you could say as Daddy thrust into your girlish ass. You
watch in the mirror as he pounded harder and harder. Your girly voice
returned. "Daddy, fuck me good, good, nice, hard. Daddy, it feels soooo
nice. You are so big.""It's so big and powerful, Daddy," you squeaked. "I'm your little sissy
slut...your little girly boy...dressed up like you like."With that he thrust harder and faster. He was pounding you Preteen Models Toplist like a
nail...pounding you like a piece of meat. You were lost in helpless
femininity. His cock was the center of your universe. You were the object
of his manly lust...his powerful desire."You are Daddy's little girl, aren't you, Honey Buns?""Oh, yes, Daddy.""You're my helpless little whore, aren't you honey?""Fuck me hard, Daddy. I'm your girly sissy whore."He redoubled the power of his thrusts and you lost all sense of
masculinity. You were getting fucked like a slut. His manly pole was steel
hard against the jelly of your girly pussy. Your whole body was melting
into man-craving femininity. Your panties were down and you fanny was
welcoming his manhood."Please, daddy. Please fuck me, daddy. Harder, daddy. Deeper, daddy. More,
daddy. It feels so wonderful. I'm your sissy slut," you whimpered in your
squeaky girl voice.He pounded and pounded and pounded. And you Preteen Models Toplist fell deeper into slutty
girlhood. Helpless and horny, lost in femininity you pounded your ass back
onto his dick.He spanked you and Mommy said, "You are so naughty, little girly slut.""I'ma nasty teen girl, Daddy. Spank your naughty girl, Daddy." And he
thrust and slapped my ass hard. Thrust and spanked. Thrust and spanked."Baby, I'm gonna come." He pulled his dick out of you and lifted you up so
you were facing his bulging penis. Your mouth opened involuntarily and you
took him in.You tasted the pre-cum and he thrust his pole deep down your throat. You
were girly jelly to his powerful rod. He thrust in and out..back and forth
into your gaping pink-lipped mouth. Your hand automatically grabbed his
sack and tickled. His jism shot into your mouth like warm, creamy milk. It
dripped down your chin.

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